At the apex of the industrial recycling, pyramid lays sustainable steel which is 100% recyclable. At Jindal Stainless, we work today to build a better tomorrow.
We believe that efficient sustainability goes beyond conservation. It starts with building a culture around the workspace where every individual takes mindful steps towards the environment.

Some of our major community development projects are:

      More Initiatives

      Community Development

      We are working on various projects at the community level that aim to reach out to people, address various social and environmental issues, and upskill individuals and help them earn a livelihood.

      Skill Development

      JLS Foundation has established the Jindal Institute of Industrial Training in Hisar (Haryana) and Jajpur (Odisha) to impart training to the youth in order to make them economically independent and self-reliant. The courses taught at these institutes have been developed keeping in mind the existing and future market demands. The institutes are equipped with modern training infrastructure and instructors who individually mentor the students.


      Non-Formal Education Centre's are run in communities and provide basic education to children who are first generation learners and drop outs. The centre's aim at providing basic education to the children and eventually link them to formal schools. Remedial Education Centres provide support to older students in subjects like Mathematics, English, and Science. Efforts are also put in to ensure that the children who have enrolled in schools do not drop out due to poor performance.

      Women Empowerment

      The Company has enabled over 200 SHGs to make regular monthly savings and inter-loaning. These groups have successfully engaged with local banks and disbursing loans and subsidies. They have also been exposed to various training programs on enterprise development and marketing of products. Our focus during the years has shifted from a Self Help Group (SHG) model to identifying micro-enterprise opportunities for women that encourages entrepreneurship. With various capacity building measures and trainings, we are inculcating confidence among women who are now eager to take initiatives on their own.


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